Functional, Useable LEGO Car Built

Everybody loves LEGO. You can build anything. Well, in theory, usually it’s more limited because you never have the pieces you need, and even if you do, you can never find them. And also, because you kind of suck at LEGO; it takes a long time, and it’s tricky to actually build anything cool, and you lose patience pretty quick. That’s why we find it a little impressive when someone just manages to put together one of the bigger LEGO kits, like the big LEGO Star Wars sets, or the LEGO Hogwarts.

We get really impressed when somebody who may or may not have too much free time on their hands puts together something pretty far outside the realms of what we consider possible with LEGO. Raul Oaida is one of these vastly impressive men, with an in-itself-impressive LEGO collection.

Raul Oaida built himself a car. Out of LEGO. Using over half a million lego pieces and a few non LEGO bits, because honestly, how did you expect him to make a car out of only LEGO, he’s got a working and pretty damn awesome car. The non-LEGO bits are the chassis, axles and wheels. Although I can’t fault him for the last one; have you seen LEGO wheels? They’re tiny. The best bit I think is that the car is fuelled by compressed air which powers 256 LEGO pistons. He can hit speeds of up to 20MPH, which may not sound impressive until you remember that THE CAR IS MADE OF LEGO.

Seriously, check out the video if you don’t believe it, or even if you do. It’s sick.

Ari Carrington