Vet Arrested for Surgically Implanting Heroin in Puppies

With detection technology always steadily improving, would be drug smugglers are having to think outside the box to meet their markets. Like really outside the box.

Andres Lopez Elorza, a Colombian vet is one of these innovators. How did he decide he’d get the drugs passed through under the radar? He cut open live puppies (presumably sedated), popped in bags of liquid heroin, stitched the puppies back up and shipped them off as soon as their scars healed. It’s particularly genius as the bags don’t show up if they x-ray the dogs; the only way to see the bags is to ultrasound the puppies.

This unusual-beyond-unusual method was discovered back in 2005 during a raid on a drug ring that was smuggling drugs into America using puppies. Each puppy was carrying 400g of liquid heroin. Shockingly enough, only three of the six had survived the heroin removal process.

But it was only on Tuesday, after 8 years on the run, that Andres the vet from hell was apprehended and arrested, in Spain. People are, understandably, pretty pleased that he’s finally been caught. No word yet on sentencing, but something tells me he might be losing his vet’s licence. I’m sure a lot of people will be calling for maximum penalties what with it being cruel to animals, particularly so because puppies are adorable. Adorable animals are much more fiercely defended. Although, anyone getting upset with him is pretty on mark, it’s a pretty shit thing to be doing.  

Ari Carrington