Manic Couponer buys £572.16 worth of Food for 4p.

Everybody makes use of a coupon from time to time to save the pennies. Actually, that’s not true, a lot of people can’t be bothered with them because they can be really irritating, and is it really worth it to save thirty pence? Sure, some people make a bit of a saving, but no-one’s ever saved anything really noteworthy by couponing.

Sometimes on TV shows there’ll be a gag about major savings couponing; for example in 2 Broke Girls, Caroline gets carried away with couponing and actually manages to sort her coupons to the extent the store owes her money for her shopping. Which is fabulous, but completely impossible. Or maybe not, as Jordan Cox, a student, recently proved.

Armed with 470 coupons he’d scoured from the internet and magazines, he hit up his local Tesco. Armed with three trolleys, he filled them all, before rolling up to what would be the longest checkout experience known to man. I actually feel really bad for the person who had to deal with all those coupons; it took over an hour to go through them all at the checkout. But clearly worth it, as the total of his shopping should have been £572.16, but after coupon upon coupon it totalled only FOUR PENCE. That’s a saving of £572.12. This whole experience probably took about three hours, so one way you could look at this, is that it’s kind of like he made £191/hour, which is awesome.

Not finished with being awesome yet however, Jordan then donated all of his purchases to families in need through the charity, Doorstep. Knowing that a 1000th of the UK population can’t afford to eat this Christmas, he wanted to help. And also a little bit prove just how cheaply you can shop. It’s genius, and it’s genuinely going to help people. Although I do have to question the abundance of squirty cream in the picture. There’s like half a trolley of the stuff. It’s great, it’s noble and all that, but the squirty cream part does seem a little… ridiculous. Still, an incredibly impressive feat. Hats off to you Jordan Cox.

Ari Carrington