How I Met Your Father to Replace HIMYM

Hands up who watches How I Met Your Mother? That looks like pretty much most of you. I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that we’re in the 9th and final season. The drawn out build up to Robin and Barney’s wedding is in full force, interspersed with brief appearances by the woman we now know is the mother. Eventually Ted will meet her, they’ll fall in love, live happily ever after, the series will end, and we’ll all have to find something else to watch.

Fortunately, the good folks over at CBS are talking to the HIMYM producers to get that fixed up for us. What’s their concept? How I Met Your Father. This new (yet strangely familiar feeling) show would follow the journey of one young girl in NYC hanging out with her tight group of buddies (probably four or five of them) in a bar as she embarks on a quest to find love and the future father of her children.

Even better; the concept aims to set the new gang in Maclaren’s; the bar frequented by Ted and co. Better still? This setting means that the new gang may at times interact with the old gang, which means two things. One; we’ll still get to see the antics of Barney, Marshall, etc. and Two; they’ll have to make the new gang different, rather than gender-swapped carbon copies of the old gang, which gives room for exciting new possibilities.

Let’s not get too carried away here though, it is still only in the talking phase; there’s no guarantee it will actually happen, it’s just an idea. Is it even a good idea?

Some would say yes; HIMYM is a great show, but putting it from a woman’s perspective will make it more accessible to women looking for love, whilst giving insight into that for the guys. Creating a spinoff will keep the show in our lives, which is great, as we like the show. A new gang gives us the possibility of seeing a group of friends who aren’t the same basic characters as in assorted other shows about 20-something friends (for example FRIENDS, which has many a parallel to HIMYM). 

It could be great, and of all the ways to spinoff from the show, this does seem like a good one.

But then there are the nopes. Some reckon the show is starting to drag, it’s getting weaker as it leads to an end. If that’s true, can the spinoff rejuvenate, or will it, like most spinoffs, be a less good shadow that will inevitably be forgotten? It’ll be hard to truly make the show keep its same voice and momentum. And can they get a new gang as fun and accessible as the current gang? Is it simply time for a new kind of show to step in to replace the void that HIMYM will leave?

Personally, I’m all for How I Met Your Father. It might be a total flop as many spinoffs are, but what if it isn’t? It’s got to be worth a try, right?

Words by Ari Carrington