Waterstones to Deliver Books Using Owls

It’s the 21st century, the time is nigh for innovation. Quirky is the new mainstream, and everyone is searching for that next gimmick to take the world by storm. Recently, that search has moved into online shopping delivery methods, which is about time; we’ve been using regular post forEVER now. It’s time for a change.

Amazon are leading us out in this quest with their proposed drone delivery service, which I’m sure you read about earlier on this site. If not, a quick summary. Amazon Prime Air; a service in which an unmanned drone delivers your post to you within thirty minutes of purchase. Possibly great, possibly really dumb. Maybe a little of both. Either way, it’s new and different.

And now, a company with a long-standing competition with Amazon, not to be outshone has jumped right in with their own take. Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service. Using specially trained and particularly adorable owls, Waterstones will have your books delivered to you within half an hour of purchase. Sounds incredible, magical even. When this rolls out I will be buying approximately all of the books to see it in action.

OWLS. Delivering post. Where have we heard that before? Don’t the owls in Harry Potter deliver the post? That parallel is very appropriate really, as sadly, Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service is as fictional as Hedwig, Errol and Pidwigeon. But big ups to Waterstones for the Prime Air banter.

Check out the video below.

Words by Ari Carrington