Irish Government Asks Unemployed People to Move Away

The Irish government are taking a ‘different’ approach to tackling unemployment and welfare costs by asking around 6000 unemployed people to move away and seek jobs in other EU countries.

One of the receivers of the letter, Mr Alan Douglas an unemployed electrician got urged to move to Coventry. "It made me feel like I was being pushed out of my own country," he told Financial Times

Ireland recently became the first Eurozone country to exit the EU bail-out programme. However the recent relative economic stability was achieved with massive government spending cuts that caused the average standard of life to drop dramatically. 

Although the number has been reducing of late, one in four under 25’s in Ireland are still unemployed. That is one of the largest rates in the Europe.

The Emerald Isle is also suffering from a “brain drain” as crowds of the already skilled workforce are deciding to move away. Thus leaving the country with a lack of skilled workers as most go for the prospect of a better future abroad.

The Irish government are urging that the request for citizens isn’t mandatory it’s a suggestion.  No one is forcibly getting kicked out.

Will Whitby