Santa Stake-out Kit

When you’re a little kid your biggest wish come Christmas time is to meet Santa Claus. Who can blame little-you though? Santa’s awesome. 

He travels all around the world in a single night to deliver presents to every kid, which he does by breaking silently into all their houses to fill their stockings. 

He runs a workshop in the North Pole, which has got to be pretty tricky as it’s pretty cold up there, and it’s full of magical elves, which makes it way cooler. 

As you grow up though, you start to lose sight of this wish as you eventually start to believe the lie society keeps telling you, that Santa doesn’t exist, even though he blatantly does. Some people keep believing in the magic though, all the way to adulthood. They understand the truth. And some of them are even keener to meet Santa than they were as little kids.

And Optics Planet is here to help the still-believers. After all, adults are the only ones with the skills and finances to properly be able to put together a proper Santa stake-out, and Optics Planet understands that, and is here to help make your mission a total success with their Santa stake-out kit.

Probably not a way for paramilitaries to purchase stuff incognito... 

Featuring everything you could possibly need to stop the red man in his tracks; from camouflage to deer pheromones, night vision goggles and heat sensing equipment, vision enhancing equipment to image capturing equipment; the kit has it all. And for only $6500 (about £4000), it can all be yours. I’ll give you a minute to check out the full list and add to cart here: http://www.opticsplanet.com/optics-planet-santa-stakeout-kit.html

That’s right, you’ve reached the age where you can fully launch a scalable mission to catch Santa in the act, you’ve honed your skills from childhood in preparation, and now you can finally have the tools to do it. Okay, so you may need to throw your whole student loan at it AND hit your parents up for a sizeable donation, but any length has to be worth it to actually meet Santa Claus. 

Ari Carrington