Christmas Tinner; Christmas Dinner in a Can for Serious Gamers

It’s December and that means it’s nearly Christmas. And that means one thing and one thing only. Every other company will be bringing out some kind of novelty Christmas product. 

Most of them will be half-arsed or simply an existing product with a snowman scrawled on the front. But a few will be original, hilarious, even actually worth buying (although you may find a lot of the half-arsed ones in your stocking or Secret Santa gifts).

Game, everybody’s favourite not gone bust gaming store is one of those companies that’s come up with something brilliant. It ties in perfectly with Christmas and with gaming, which is what they’re all about, whilst still being a novelty.

Introducing the Christmas Tinner. It’s a full Christmas Day menu in a can. Starting with a fry-up breakfast, even though I’m pretty certain most people save the fry-up for Boxing Day, choosing to instead start Christmas off light so as to fit more turkey in later. Following that is a mid-morning mince-pie break, before rounding off into a full blown dinner. And to finish, a nice big helping of Christmas pudding. But unlike the traditional, messy and inconvenient serving manner of food this lot is neatly packaged into a can for handy, accessible eating as you burn your way through your new Christmas games without all those irritating mealtime pauses.

It sounds simultaneously delicious and disgusting; genius and really stupid; inspired and, once again, really stupid. 

I can barely put into words how much I want one. Or several so I can share the joy with my friends (who may or may not remain so after ingesting the contents of the can). It’s hilarious, and for that reason alone I’m sure these will be flying off the shelves. Actually, I know they’re flying off the shelves because, as of last night when I checked, they’re out of stock on Game’s website. But hopefully they’ll be back soon, so you can all go out there and get what can only be described as the most unique Christmas dinner yet.

Ari Carrington