Breaking Bad hits the Streets with Real Blue-Dyed Meth

Blue Sky; a form of methamphetamine that’s totally pure and gets its blue colouring from the processes used to make it, which differ from common methods. It’s been popularised by the hit show Breaking Bad, and is of course a completely fictional strain of meth.

Nonetheless, with the show’s popularity, it’s been the inspiration for merchandise with “blue sky” blue crystalline candy sold at various locations across the internet. It’s also inspired some small-time entrepreneurs to expand their line in order to attract impressionable kids to their product.

Oh, but these entrepreneurs are drug dealers who are cutting their meth with various chemicals to make it blue so they can cash in on the show and make it look more appealing to first-time users. 

Meth = bad. Blue meth = Breaking Bad. As in it’s worse than regular meth.

Ari Carrington