Runaway Teens found Holidaying in the Caribbean

Edward Bunyan and Indira Gainiyeva (both 16) recently ran away from their boarding school, causing their families much concern as no-one knew where they were. They’ve been extremely concerned about the safety of these two teens, as you’d expect.

Now however, their fear has likely turned to rage as the teens were discovered sunning it up on a beach at a five-star resort in the Dominican Republic. That’s running away in style right there; straight out of cold, rainy Britain to a luxury beach resort in the sunny Caribbean. Actually, even better still, their only motivation for terrifying their families seems to be that they were fed up with the cold.

Obviously, their friends are beside themselves with awe; especially as this feat is made all the more impressive as according to friends escaping from the boarding school is extremely difficult, with security guards patrolling after hours. “It’s like trying to escape from Alcatraz”.

Their families are rightly pissed, and aiming to get them back in England as soon as possible. I’d recommend cutting the kids allowance’s; no 16 year old needs the kind of money you need to run away to a five-star resort in the Caribbean on a whim.

Ari Carrington