Desperate-beyond-desperate Woman posts Craiglist ad to find NYE Kisser

New Year’s Eve is a time when many single people drink a lot and snog strangers. Pretty much the whole point of the night if you’re single. None of these random spur-of-the-moment hook-ups are likely to go anywhere, but hey it’s New Year’s. Sure a few people end up dating afterwards, but more people will end up vomiting, or urinating, or both, or worse in the street as the night progresses.

And as is often the case, that random hook-up will mean different things to the two people involved. For instance, one might be a drunken slob just doing it because it’s a common thing to do and he’s wasted, whilst the other might be thinking “omg someone likes me! We’re going to get married and have babies and live happily ever after forever!” That certainly seems to be how it went down for a 25 year-old woman in Indiana who received a kiss at New Year’s. Given her reaction, it seems quite likely it was her first kiss and all.

She’s posted an ad on Craigslist to try and find her mystery prince charming. It actually sounds almost romantic and sweet at this point, (ignoring the Craigslist part) but trust me, it’s actually beyond desperate. She met a guy, who was (I really hope) drunk out of his mind. They had a little chat, the countdown started, she started crying. Then he kissed her, and then he peed on her. No you did not misread that last bit; dude went and pissed himself. But all is not lost, because she forgives him! She just wants to find him! And live happily ever after together forever and ever!

There’s desperate and then there’s desperate. And then there’s this woman. My advice to the dude: move out of state.

Ari Carrington