Idiot spends £1000 in Nandos trying to win a Closed Competition

Sometimes we all go a little bit over the top trying to win competitions, either because we really want the prize, or because we just really like winning. 

I once bought 70% of all the tickets in a tombola to win an Easter egg. Not a good one, just your ordinary Easter egg. I was a kid, and it totally worked, so be quiet. The point is, we all get carried away from time to time, and from that perspective Christopher Poole behaved just like anyone would with his attempts to win a Nando’s black card.

For those of you who don’t know, a Nando’s black card is a card that entitles the holder to free Nando’s FOR LIFE. For those even less informed still, Nando’s is a very popular chicken restaurant, that for some reason people seem to get a little too excited about. I’m just saying; it’s only chicken, calm down.

Anyway, free meals for life? I don’t care what restaurant it’s for, that’d be awesome. How do we get one? You have to prove you’ve eaten at every single one of Nando’s branches around the world. There’s over a thousand. Oh, and you have to invent a time machine, because this competition closed two years ago, as they decided they had way too many restaurants for anyone to bother anyway. There’s over a thousand; that’s a fair assumption.

Christopher Poole however apparently only read the first line when he heard about this competition, and never noticed that it was no longer open for new entrants. And how long did it take him to realise? Well he spent a grand and visited 85 branches in the UK. 

But it’s all okay for two reasons. One is that he’s a pretty big fan of Nando’s and would eat there once or twice a week anyway; and the other is that Nando’s are a stand up company who’ve agreed to give him a black card if he completes the challenge. So he’s jetting off to Australia soon to give their Nando’s branches a go. 

What can I say, the man has a dream and he’s going for it.

Word by Ari Carrington