Fake Tweet of Fresh Prince Tribute Episode Confuses Fans

We’re going to start off with some sad news which you may well have heard by now. James Avery, or Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, has recently died. This has obviously caused sadness for fans and former cast members alike. Or, for one chap, an opportunity for pranks.

In light of this death, a tweet supposedly from Will Smith came out suggesting that the whole cast get together for a reunion episode in tribute to Uncle Phil. Sounds lovely, as fans agreed. They were fully in support of the idea, and showed this support by instantly retweeting as soon as our alleged Will Smith tweeted again, this time stating that he’d talked to NBC who’d told him he needed 300,000 retweets to make it happen. 

He even went to the trouble of setting up a fake screenshot of that conversation. To be honest, I’m just impressed he bothered to get the right network, although I still think the story would run exactly the same even if he’d got it wrong.

And those retweets came flooding in, because fans believed that that’s exactly how TV channels work. They also believed that someone tweeting as @Freshprincewill could be the real deal, as Will Smith has clearly done nothing of note since Fresh Prince. Twitter really does bring the smart people into the limelight.

Even as recent as this morning, searching on Twitter will reveal that not everyone has grasped the fact that it’s a fake; you can still see them retweeting with hope for a new episode. Although most of the tweets are now coming in as announcements of the fact that it was a fake, as if it was somehow shocking. 

Ari Carrington