Miley upsets foam finger creator

Poor Miley. She’s not having much luck lately, is she?

Much like every other Disney princess, all she wanted was to shed her baby fat and show the world how much growing up she’s done over the years.

She’s stripped off, shaved parts of her head and has even developed the obligatory `I have a cover in FHM` aura that most teeny boppers strive for.

But it seems the twerking pop star has caused a whole load of trouble since putting Hannah Montana to sleep.

Not only did her dance moves create the legend of the flaming twerk and contributed to another ridiculous word in the dictionary, but she has offended legit product makers with her antics as well.

Apparently the creator of the foam finger was distraught after watching Miley on the viral VMAs performance, where she caressed herself and Robin Thicke with the spongy product.

It’s funny to think seventies basketball stars and Miley’s secret bits now have something in common.

She’s also been seen snogging an oversized doll in a swimming pool. Let’s hope it’s not Barbie.

Oh Miley. You can’t really have the “best of both worlds” can you?

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by Leonie Garlick