Is Rover A Little Too Randy? Let Him Try This On For Size!

Dogs in particular have a reputation for being a little over affectionate. They get off the lead and immediately become regular old Casanovas, humping anything that gets in their way, chasing after everything that doesn't.

But are you tired of having angry pet owners knocking on your door demanding to know why all their pets offspring bear a striking resemblance to your beloved fur ball?

Then get them neutered!

San Francisco SPCA have been trolling people online with a campaign for Animal Instinct Pet Condoms to draw attention to the over breeding of pets.

Though fictional these may actually seem like a good idea, as an estimated 6 to 8 million pets are put in sheltered each year with less than half actually being adopted. The only other outcome for these poor, unwanted animals is to euthanize them. The focus is on the only real way to avoid this level of negligence being to have your pet spayed or neutered.

Pet CondomsSo before you go trying to humanise your animals even more than letting them sleep in the bed with you, eat steak at the table and wearing actual clothes (they already have coats! You do not need to put them in sparkly t-shirts just because that is what you like to wear!) then lob off their bits and give them a better gift in return – a home to recover in.

Words by Gemma Clark

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