The Brighton walrus hoax to be made into movie

Ages and ages and ages ago (June), we told the story of the Brighton man looking for a new tenant on Gumtree. The only hitch with this rent free accommodation was that the lodger would have to dress up as a walrus a few times per day and pretend to talk…. presumably like a Walrus. 

Here is the advert in case you missed it. (shocking twist below)

It has since been revealed that the post was a hoax by Brighton local Chris Parkinson. Chris has slightly too much free time on his hands for his creative imagination and excels at duping the local press into covering his piss takes. The most notable being the Brighton Wormhole which was genuinely covered in the Sussex local newspaper the Argus.

In a shocking development The Brighton Source has revealed that Chris has now been invited to produce the movie based on his walrus story (who believes a word I’m typing now? Honest it’s true). Filming is due to start next month in North Carolina and so far Quentin Tarantino has ruled himself out of playing a role. ….

So keep your eyes peeled in 2014 for the walrus horror movie, or perhaps a massive retraction from all the press involved.