Horniest Student of 2013 Announced by Shag At Uni.... ergh

Shag At Uni has awarded its first ever prize for "Horniest Student". Possibly the most tacky promotion the student world has ever been slapped with.

Shag at Uni is a website that is sort of like a dating website, but a whole lot sleazier. It caters specifically for finding students sexual partners. Yep, that's right; now hooking up can be even more of a sure thing than five Jager bombs and a slurred "Hey, I lost my pants, can I get in yours?"

And now they have awarded a young student with a title she can carry with her for the rest of her life and into a bright new career. How lovely.

Exeter University Computer Sciences undergraduate Elina Desaine was awarded the title of "Horniest Student 2013" (because that is something everyone wants to be known as, obviously), £500 prize money, a crate of booze and a years worth of condoms. Clearly these are something she is familiar with considering what the criteria for such a competition must have been.

Judges were said to have been "impressed" with her debauch tales of hook ups, citing up to three a week or several in one night - from the same club.

The 20 year old former pupil of £4,000 a term, James Allens' Girl School's winning entry was this:

"I should be the UK's horniest student because I have sex with at least 2/3 different people a week. Sometimes I go clubbing, have sex with someone, and then go back to pick up my second victim. Feeling horny right now, so might just text someone on my shag list and do it in the computer room (I've done this before, was great!) With your help of alcohol, I will be able to become an even hornier student!"

Classy, right? With a statement like that one has to wonder if she even needs the encouragement!

As tasteless as the award is, you have to admire her confidence, as she then posed in her underwear with her £500 stuffed down her panties. An appropriate shoot as the site doesn't seem to advocate wearing clothes as general good practice; we're guessing, bad for business?

The website's creator, Tom Thurlow, said; 'As soon as I saw Elina’s entry I knew we had a particularly wild girl on our hands. After meeting with Elina personally I am 100 per cent confident I have found the horniest student in the country - I have never met someone so sexually confident."

The websites "About" page boasts this statement:

Welcome to Shag at Uni - the online adult dating site where like-minded people chat, meet and fulfill their fantasies. 

Fed up of feeling sexually frustrated? Well, you've come to the right place. Here at Shag at Uni we have thousands of people just like you, who are looking for NSA fun, hot steamy action and erotic encounters.

And that isn't even the full thing!

As far as dating websites go, there are a lot of cheesy ones, a lot of fake ones... and then there's this. It does the leg work for you, all you have to do is fill out a profile outlining your sexual preferences and postcode and away you go, free to browse the selection of horny yucky things in your area, just waiting for you to mail order them.

You can send messages, pictures and winks, all with the intention of drawing potential sexual encounters to your profile.

The "service" claims to be a facilitator for you to hook up with a selected suitor. Sounds safe, right? There are not even any security questions. Not so much as an "are you an axe murderer?"

Here at Wireless we are dedicated to bringing you only the most accurate stories, so this reporter made a profile, just as an experiment, of course, under a false name. The site is a testament to just how popular this type of encounter is, or maybe how lazy some people are about seeking sex. 

Within 40 minutes, with no profile pic, I had been messaged by 35 perverted men offering to meet up, showing me unflattering pictures of their genitals and given 10 "winks", which apparently is meant to be flattering and flirty.

Random dick pics aside, does this site actually provide us with a service we can really use? If you are a shy person or someone who is not so sexually confident, maybe this is a good place to start? A semi-anonymous chatroom where a conversation can lead wherever you want it to, or nowhere at all. Should we set aside our societal judgement and see this as another advancement in the world of cyber dating? Clubs aren't everyone's thing and there are always people on the internet.

Regardless of the sentiments you can read into it, this site is creepy and that much is a fact. It may be a resource we can benefit from in the future, but maybe the tastefulness needs improving somewhat.

Words by Gemma Clark