Man Arrested for Raping Dog Repeatedly

A Californian man was arrested on Thursday for drugging and raping a dog several times.

The sicko, now in custody, is 22 year old Christopher Alexander Caceres, a resident of San Pedro. Surveillance footage found shows the pervert drugging the poor creature and sexually abusing it, not once, but several times, over a period of hours.

The victim was an 80 pound Akita dog, had the poor thing not been drugged, it would likely have attacked. Worse still, the dog's owners were sleeping only a few yards away, as the dog slept outside.

Now facing a host of charges including bestiality, a separate charge of rape of a dog, burglary and sexual deviance, the San Pedro Beacon says he is, "likely to face further charges."

The owners say that they heard their pooch behaving strangely several weeks ago, when she made "a huge yelp-like shriek like she never made before."

On another occasion the animal was heard to cry out in the night and later a mobile phone was found in the garden, along with clumps of fur and an open gate.

After several weeks of strange moods and unusual impromptu midnight cries, the suspicious owners installed security cameras. The horror they captured sickened and astounded him.

"Our dog greeted me and something seemed off," the man told the Beacon. "I didn’t know what had happened, but I saw clumps of our dog’s hair throughout the yard."

"I immediately went to the surveillance cameras, and I was absolutely disgusted with what I saw.’

The deviant is seen in the footage creeping into the garden and feeding the dog. She approached the man confidently and enthusiastically, as if she knew him, rather than barking as she normally would.

"He had done this before, it definitely wan't the first time," the owner told sadly.

Later the degenerate creep reveals himself (in more ways than one!) from the corner of the garden - he was caught with no trousers, pinning the Akita to the ground he is said to have forced it to suffer though "a marathon sex session" for two hours, being repeatedly beaten down when making bids to escape the torture.

Telling the Daily Breeze of the harrowing experience, they said "It's inhumane! I had never even thought of something like that happening."

A vet has confirmed the poor animal to have been a rape victim.

To prove this man is even more of a waster, he was caught burgling a property a mere block away. Nothing like sticking to your patch.

The man looks forward to an eventful spell in jail when his fellow prisoners hear of his crimes and treat him with the same respect he afforded his victim.

Words by Gemma Clark