Pigs Really Do Fly: Boar Leaps Onto Taiwanese Balcony, Killing Woman

A wild boar which leapt onto a second floor balcony has killed a Taiwanese woman in her home in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

On October 27 the pig decided he really could fly and landed on the victims balcony. From there it attacked her, leaving her with fatal injuries.

The woman, whose surname was Lau, was cleaning the balcony at the time the intruder flew into her life, taking hers away. She sustained sever injuries including several fractures and deep lacerations on her face and neck from the boars razor tusks. She died three days after receiving hospital treatment.

The woman was reportedly heard screaming, "I've been bitten by a boar!" by a neighbour who witnessed the animal streaking back the way it came.

Lau's son said the ravine that the murderous animal came from was adjacent to the home's balcony. After the rapid attack, it jumped into the backyard to escape back to its ravine home.

The boar has not been seen since the attack.

Words by Gemma Clark