Man Who Went on Naked, Racist, 'fire-extinguisher-up-the-bum' Rampage Walks a Free

Remember the guy a few weeks ago that went on that incredibly random (slightly disturbing) racist rampage through a Premier Inn? Well he’s walked free from court! Presumably with the pipe out of his bum.

Joseph Small, 20, admitted to causing criminal damage on his ‘adventure’ through the corridors of the London hotel branch. 

Upon being confronted by a member of staff who happened to be Bangladeshi, Joseph Small told the man: “This country has been taken over by al-Qaeda – go back to Pakistan,"
Whilst urinating on the carpets (still naked at this point) Small decided to announce “I come from Sheffield in England”.

He was then escorted by a member of staff to a reception area where he was later put in the back of a police van.

Speaking in court on Tuesday, Small said: "I really am truly ashamed of myself - I can't recall anything that happened and I'm sorry to anyone that I offended that night," reports the Independent.

"I have friends from all different ethnic backgrounds. I'm truly ashamed of myself."

The man walked free from court. However his curfew was pushed forward a bit so that he could get the megabus home.

Words by Will Whitby