Britain’s Horniest Student to Face Disciplinary Action

Back in November, as I’m sure you remember, ShagAtUni crowned the “UK’s horniest student”. Taking this prize was Elina Desaine, a Computer Science student at Exeter University, who allegedly has more sex than most Computer Science students have in, well, ever.

Her degree title did set off a few doubts in people (as did her face to some people who’ve commented on the crowning), as it’s not a course renowned for having that kind of student enrolled on it. And indeed, she is now claiming that she and some friends made up her entry as a joke. This does seem more likely given the few details we know, and also because her shag list (pictured below), does look like the sort of hastily slapped together list that was written all at once in a short period of time, as a joke list probably would have been. Also due to the descriptions on it; it’s unlikely she knows that many guys she can only refer to by nationality.

Of course, this could also be a lie made up in an attempt to protect herself from the disciplinary action her university are now threatening. As this title obviously doesn’t reflect all that well on a) Elina, and b) Exeter uni; it’s probably safe to say that they aren’t best pleased. 

This could mean a number of undesirable consequences for Elina, from being excluded from her studies to fines or community service. None of it seems that unreasonable, it’s a hell of a title to be crowned with.

There is of course some evidence to support the theory that she’s lying about lying and her entry actually was genuine. For example, if it was a joke, surely she’d have realised when she won that if she accepted the prize she might be found out? Or if she was just kidding, I doubt she’d have been quite as okay with all the barely-clad photos (or what looks an awful lot like a completely un-clad photo), or you know, being titled across the internet as the UK’s horniest student.

Either way of course, there will probably (hopefully) be some action taken by her uni. And I’m hoping part of it takes the form of compulsory counselling, because if it is a lie, it’s gone a bit too far, and is pretty mental. If it’s not, it’s still weird.

Ari Carrington