Student Makes Thousands Selling Cans of “Air from my Backside”

Antoine Deblay,22 had a business brainwave and decided to sell cans of air from his hometown of Montcuq in the South of France. 

Since launching his idea he has made over €8000 in a matter of months.

Antoine set up an application on crowd funding website “KissKissBankBank” and within a few weeks he had raised around £700 and with that he set up and promoted his own website.

He sells the 250ml cans (about the size of a tin of beans) at £4 and with £4.80 postage fee. The requests stacked up quickly for the 100% biodegradable product and he has amassed over 1000 orders from around the globe.

There is also quite a humorous side to this project. Montcuq is frequently mispronounced as “mon cul” which translates as “my backside”. So when said wrong they could be spoke as “the air from my backside”. 

Antoine says: "Fresh air of Montcuq is 100% organic, it immerses you in the depths of the city to refresh your ideas. Ideal when you are in need of creative inspiration."

Orders are currently limited because he only wants to use 10 litres a day, so that he doesn’t use up the towns supply of air. 

Words by Will Whitby