Drunk German Ends Night On The Back Of A Horse

Thinking of hitting the sauce this weekend? Well, try finding a better place to hit the hay than this guy.

A German man decided after a night hitting the booze that the best place to fall asleep would be hanging over the rear end of a horse.

After staggering around Landsberg, Germany, on Saturday night, the 26 year old was found the following morning by the unlucky horses' owner, inebriated, unconscious and with little idea how he got into the unusual position he found himself in. The police were called to take the drunken wanderer home.

But apparently this is not an isolated incident. A horse seems to be a surprisingly popular post-bevvy pillow, after Patrick Neal Schimacher, 45, found himself in jail after riding a horse while drunk.

Witnesses of Colorado University Police Department said that while wandering into traffic, Schumacher was hitting his horse, Dillon. He told police he was trying to swat a fly off the horse's head.

August saw Diane Harvey sentenced to four days behind bars for slapping a mounted police officer's horse after the officer asked her to empty out a large cup of beer.
Harvey, who was apparently intoxicated, refused and began walking away. The officer then blocked her with his horse, and the irate Harvey slapped the animal.

Words by Gemma Clark