Teacher Fired For Allegedly Making Teenage Boy's Dream Come True

In news that has caused shockwaves throughout the community, and sparked inevitable debates on the internet, a 16 year old lad from Cardiff allegedly got laid recently. Whilst on study leave for his GCSEs, this unnamed pupil (hereforth referred to as the lad) has done what many boys his age can only dream of, and slept with his teacher.

Mrs Horton, his head of year is believed to have been the aggressor in this case, winning the lad the respect of many strangers on the internet. After messaging him on Facebook, with the inclusion of “racy” pictures of herself, Mrs Horton then met the lad outside a building in Cardiff. From here they returned to her home where they spent several hours together. Then the story splits into two tangents, each party coming out with a different result.

“We did it”, is the story that most people seem to believe, this line of thought coming to us, predictably, from the lad. He told the police that they had slept together, but also that he didn’t want to press charges, which raises many questions (and a few eyebrows) as to why he decided to tell them. A cynic might suggest it was to inform the world of his exploits, in accordance with the prominent LadCulture of the day.

“We simply fell asleep”, is the rebuttal from a recent nominee into the “Unprofessional Teacher Hall of Fame”. This story, whilst already questionable, loses credibility the more details you know. For instance, this story means that the two fell asleep for about an hour, at around 6pm. As in the time most folk have dinner. It’s pretty unlikely they’d have both been that tired then, especially given one party was a 16-year old boy on study leave, so had probably only been awake for about 4 hours by that point. 

Another detail that reduces her credibility some, is when we discover that Mrs Horton is a mother of two who was at the time going through a divorce. Although, divorce aside, as both a teacher AND a parent, you’d think she’d have known better than to invite a student over to her house at any rate. However it seems she may have seen the error in her ways, as she has now quit her job as a teacher, breaking the hearts and crushing the dreams of numerous male students who’d heard the rumours from the lad.

Whether the two ever actually slept together may never be known for sure, but given the evidence it seems hard to deny, and Mrs Horton has yet to find anyone who finds her version of events convincing.

Words by Ari Carrington